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  1. HI Cecilia,

    My name is Rolan Pongpuntara, I read your article from LA TIMES regarding the 6 top spot for shaved ice. I am a small business that carries cold-pressed juices and is coming out with a new way to juice using my cold-pressed juice in a form of shaved creamy ice. It’s going to come out soon and would love fo you to come try it. My phone number is (818) 448-1966.

    Thank you,

    Rolan Pongpuntara

  2. Hello Ms. Hae Jin Lee,

    I am a server at Jjukku Jjukku and saw your great review of our restaurant. We truly appreciate it and with the urgent request of our manager, Mr. Ki Dong, we would greatly appreciate if you would come to eat at our restaurant with your family and friends. A complimentary meal, I believe, is the least we can do to show our deepest gratitude for your review.

    I understand how busy you are so when you have the free time, please email me back to let us know if and approximately when you’d be coming. We would love to serve you with the great food that we have.

    Sarah Eun Sang Pak

    P.S. Will it be difficult to obtain the original copy of the article you wrote about us? We would love to have it framed and placed at the entrance like all other restaurants:)

  3. Hi my name is Jasmine and I’m wondering and I can have some information about you since your my artist influence for my clay project and I have to write a essay

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