Food Photographs

Here are a few examples of my food photographs to whet your appetite!

summer berry assortment

I made this 4-layered chocolate cake for my friend’s 50th birthday! It’s frosted with a white chocolate cream cheese frosting and topped with an assortment of berries and fresh chocolate mint from my garden. I dusted everything with a fine snow of powdered sugar just for fun.

4-layer chocolate cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting and berries

This was a fresh tomato and burrata salad with homegrown tomatoes and basil from my garden. I just sprinkled it with some extra virgin olive oil, some aged balsamic and some freshly ground black pepper.

burrata tomato salad with garden basil

I had a wonderful bounty of figs from my tree this summer. I made a tart with a pate sucree crust, which was crisp like shortbread cookies. I caramelized the figs with some brown sugar and chopped rosemary. Then, I filled the tart with a Meyer lemon cream cheese filling sweetened with sugar and a little bit of honey.

caramelized brown sugar roasemary fig tart

I have a tendency to make too many cookies in one batch. But really, can you have too many cookies?

chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

Summer’s bounty was fantastic this year with gorgeous, juicy peaches from our tiny little tree.

homegrown peaches from our tree

I used the Brown Sugar Kitchen‘s waffle recipe to make a giant stack of waffles. I topped it with frozen blueberries for a perfect summertime breakfast.

waffle with frozen blueberries

My dad gave me half a watermelon from his grocery store, so I put up jars and jars of watermelon rind pickles for the first time. A little sweet, a little salty, they were crisp and delicious. I’ll hold back on the cloves next time, though.

watermelon rind pickle jars

Here’s a close-up of one of the jars.

watermelon rind pickles

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