How Much Do You Love Sriracha?

In my work, I am sometimes asked to eat lots and lots of food. This past Sunday, it was Sriracha, Sriracha and more Sriracha. For good, bad and spicy, I drank Sriracha sodas, and ate spicy red sauce mixed in with apples in a crumble pie, had a subtle Sriracha caramel sauce over ice cream, slurped bacon Sriracha ramen, and much more.

As a professional, I had to drink and eat something from each and every booth at the Second Annual Sriracha Festival. You can see my eating adventure and coverage for the LA Times Daily Dish here.

Here are some pictures that didn’t make it to the LA Times blog. I ended up taking way more pictures than ended up being published, as usual.

eggslut_ramenAn alternate view of EggSlut’s spicy pork bacon ramen

deviledeggsMei Lin’s deviled eggs topped with chicken skin crumbles and a Sriracha caramel

jitlada_plateJitlada’s Thai spicy was so spicy, that my mouth was on fire, and I was sweating for a little while afterwards.

jitlada_saucesChef Tui’s sauces were so spicy, that they had to warn you that they were very spicy twice. But, oh the flavor!

Komodo_chimichurriKomodo’s chimichurri meat was grilled right there over open flames ans served with caramelized onions and chopped cilantro.

sqirl_saladSqirl’s crispy rice salad had a satisfying crunch with plenty of crisp vegetables.

mendocino_farmsI even won a 2-for-1 meal at Mendocino Farms

mf_chimichurrisandwichesThey served generous portions of their chimichurri sandwich and their Sriracha red potato salad.

pumpkin_pureeThe Mud Hen Tavern in my neighborhood served up a pumpkin puree salad with a yogurt sauce and a green Sriracha sauce with a lot of lemongrass flavor.
willyb_porkbellyWill B’s crispy pork belly had a satisfying crunch and a different level of spice from their hot sauce.

mcconnellsSmall bites of McConnell’s ice cream topped with a Sriracha caramel sauce was the perfect thing to end the festival and my Sriracha eating adventure.

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